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Friday, March 07, 2008

Week in Review

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I've been sick for the better part of the week (officially and somewhat unbearably sick since Tuesday, tolerably ill since last Friday). I also took some time to go see The Boy. He took good care of me, even though I'm pretty sure he had really envisioned my visit going much differently. Haha...gotcha, biatch! After a couple of days of runny nose, chills & fever and making The Boy fetch me tea and give me backrubs, I felt ok enough to try to get some errands done. We went to the Suppenbar (delish!) and it was there where I caught a glimpse of face for the first time in a few days in kind of natural lighting. The Boy must either 1.) really like me or 2.) have really bad eyesight, because every time I said that I "look/feel mucus-y and disgusting" he was all like, "No, no -- you look totally cute". Let me tell you folks, cute was not the vision staring back at me in this particular bathroom mirror. My nose was all red and crusty and I looked like all sorts of tore up -- which I fear is the opposite of "cute"

Later we went to go see No Country for Old Men, which I gotta be honest with you -- I didn't really understand it -- could be cause I missed some of the subtlety because I saw it dubbed in German, could be because halfway through the movie the fever came back in full force...could be because I'm just not all that bright in the first place. I think that I'm for a mixture of Columns A,B and C.

In other news -- man, Tunde is coming to Germany! Like he's on his way over right now as I type this sentence. How awesome is that? Possibly even more awesome than this. In order to reach such levels of awesome, he has to actually make it to Hamburg. Oh, but I will for sure tell you 'bout that.

and in OTHER news, Buche turns old today. Happy that. If you see him, tell him he's old. I'm sure no one has done that as yet. Happy Old-day, Oldie McOlderson ;-)

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