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Monday, June 30, 2008

Things I Found on the Ground #1 - Rock Cupcake

Among Frosty's many various talents is his ability to find things on the ground.

Ok, sometimes it's just garbage...but lots of times it's like actually useful, working stuff – lighters, computer cables, pimp canes – just lying on the damn ground. And, even more maddening, he finds money.

This dude is forever finding money just lying around on the ground. I'm on the look out for discarded money like all the time and a couple of times the two of us were out together, both looking at the same ground. He'll see money...and I won't.

We discussed this recently and came to the conclusion that in order to find the valuable stuff, you can't limit yourself to a particular item. Instead, you have to mentally take everything in and filter it out later. So, basically, it's like if you have a bigger selection pool of stuff, the chances of finding a few gems are probably a lot higher than if you're just looking for the “good stuff”.

Frosty tried to mentor me and help me hone my skills, but I don't think I have the same level of dedication to the cause. Plus, it's just much easier if he does it for the both of us.

My problem is that when I'm walking around, first of all, I'm trying to concentrate on not tripping over my own two feet. Second, lots of times I'll see something on the ground that reminds me of something else and before I know it, I'm on a whole different train of thought that has nothing to do with my treasure hunt.

However, today on my way home from work...I found this thing. What is it? I dunno... it's like a muffin...but it's made out of concrete...or covered in concrete. It's also possibly a piece of dog crap shaped like a muffin and hardened into a concrete-like state. But it doesn't smell like poop...because, well...that's the first genius thing I did after I picked it up. I sniffed it. I wanted to see if it smelled like a stale old muffin – without really giving a thought as to how bad a stale old muffin would smell. But it just smells like rock. And it was lying in a pile of other rocks...

I want to google the word “muffin rock” or “stone cupcake” to see if this is some kind of trend that I just don't know about. Of course, though, we don't have internet at home. But note to self...look it up tomorrow.

Update: I searched for the aforementioned terms this morning. But only managed to find a picture of a concrete cupcake on flickr. There was no kind of explanation.

At any rate, I think Frosty would be proud of me and should I find anymore interesting stuff on the ground. You all will be the first to know.

As for my muffin, I want to paint it gold and attach it to a chain.

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