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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ballin in the Mix

Our collective is competing for the title: "Area of Exemplary Order, Safety and Discipline"

Oh man, I wish I had a more bloggable job -- but I don't and unfortunately my job is where I'm at all damn day. I had some delicious fruit for lunch and the sample 3-month wall calendar that I ordered so that I can design the company's 2009 calendars was waiting on my desk when I arrived this morning.

Ba-si-cally, I make pretty pictures, slap on our company logo and pimp out powerpoint presentations . When I'm not doing that, I'm booking everyone's travel and preparing their travel expense reports.

Hey, I just got a text from Schmidt that said my absentee ballot arrived. Hooray for voting! I don't think I need to say who I'm voting for. You know. That one.

I need a vacation.

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I went on a mini-vacay last weekend. Last Friday was German Unity Day. So Thursday evening I hopped on a train and got my reunification on with Frosty over in Dresden. Frosty had been preparing for his big move to Tübingen and told me that he wouldn't be able to pick me up from the train station. I know the way to his apartment, but I hate carrying things because I'm sofa king lazy. I think he is quite aware of this fact as well, because he came to pick me up anyway. 

Friday, I generally lazed around and caught up on the second season of Mad Men. This show is crazy and gives me nightmares, but I can't stop watching it. Nightmares of dudes telling me to shut the eff up and get back in the kitchen and make them a sammich. Also it totally ruins my idea of building a time machine to go back to the past and commit crimes using 21st century technology. I got the idea while watching Dirty Harry (the police seemed so stupid) and aside from the whole thing about building a time machine and such, I thought it was a pretty solid plan.

But no, watching a show like Mad Men made me realize that I've pretty much got the whole woman thing and the whole not being white thing going against me -- which makes committing corporate crime in past a lot tougher. Though I doubt they'd really suspect the new cleaning lady...

Anyway, I digress. Saturday, Frosty and I took the train to Zittau to check out his homie Futzi's new dorm room (see picture at the top). It's pretty sweet, like in a renovated altbau villa type way. We hit the town that evening with one of Futzi's study buddies, who I'll call Sir Sings-a-Lot, for reasons that should be self-explanitory. It was nice, we drank a bunch of Polish beer ('cause Zittau is like right near the border to Poland and the Czech Republic, which makes for cheap grocery shopping). Frosty tried to sneak into a club without paying the cover. When I say "sneak" I mean he just confidently walked past security and the dudes collecting money and then tried to tell them he already paid when they stopped him. It did not work.

As I've said about a bajillion times, there's not a whole lot to do in Germany on a Sunday. So the four of us went to Poland instead. Futzi's dorm is slightly over half a mile from the border. We just walked. A carton of cigarettes was procured for Mama Frosty and then we ate lunch and drank beer in a bar/restaurant of some sort.

Monday was dedicated to watching more Mad Men and watching Frosty pack. That night we watched Coming to America in German, since I felt that it was essential for Frosty to understand references to Sexual Chocolate and SoulGlo.

Tuesday morning we ate raspberry & banana pancakes and watched the latest episode of Heroes. When Frosty finally finished packing, we had to get his boxes from the apartment to the package station without a car. But Frosty came up with the genius idea of borrowing 3 shopping carts and with some help from me and his mom we just rolled them all over there. With all of the boxes in the carts it looked like we had just like robbed a store or something.

I left Dresden late-ish on Tuesday evening and got back to Hamburg around 1:30am. 

Frosty moved to Tübingen yesterday. In my head it seems a lot further away, but really it's only like an extra 124 miles. No biggie.

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