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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Freshness

I don't go back very often to re-read my posts. When I do, I'm pretty sure (in fact, let's upgrade that to completely sure) that I'm reading them in a different way than how you all read them. Ok fine, I assume we are all taking in the text from left to right and top to bottom. But aside from that, each post also makes me think about the stuff that was going on behind the scenes while I was writing a particular entry. For me, my blog is less of a chronicle of my day to day and more like some sort of output sheet -- the stuff that comes out after my brain has chewed it up a bit. Sometimes it's more direct, a lot of times there are thinly veiled messages to myself or thickly veiled messages to others.

In a way, it's kind of good that I lost the old design. It was one of the last things left reminding me of my rocky start coming back to Hamburg in 2006 and one of the last remnants of the shitty year that never seemed to end (aka 2007). So changing it this weekend was like my way of getting some kind of closure. This design isn't intended to be a new or a fresh start -- it's just me moving on, in my Raven-type way.

You might notice if you look back at some old posts (say between August 2006 & last week) I didn't bother to re-color all the different name tags, I don't intend to. I know it looks wonky...but like I said, we're moving on.

Also, for longer posts, I'm phasing out the (Click Below for More). Instead, the long posts will have a link at the bottom that says "What else is on my mind grapes?" that will take you to the full post (still working on anchoring it to the continuation of the post, rather than the top of the new page). Posts that aren't long, won't have the link.

I've checked out the design in a couple of different browers (most of the ones that Google Analytics told me that y'all are using) and aside from some color issues, the page looks fine to me for the most part. I apologize if my blog looks ugly on your computer.

Lastly, I've switched back to the Google commenting system. I turned on the moderation, so it might take a bit of time between when you post a comment for me to see the mail and approve it. All of the comments from before are gone. However, they remain archived in my Haloscan account for posterity.

1 comment:

Dawn Z(ed) said...

Oh joy!! RSS feed at last!!!!

FWIW, it doesn't look ugly on my FF3 using Macbook.