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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Goethe puked here.

There's a part of me that refuses to believe that only a week has gone by. Monday night I'll be back in Hamburg and I go right back to work on Tuesday. Needless to say, I don't really wanna. Luckily, it'll only be for like another three weeks and then it's Christmas time -- where I'll go to Gießen and officially meet the rest of Frosty's fam (but that's another post for a later date).

Did I fulfill my vacation goals? I like to think so. I haven't checked my work email at all, I slept in and, in spite of Frosty's hectic school schedule, I even fit in some quality cuddle time (while, hopefully, being as unobtrusive as possible -- ninja cuddling?). Still, I didn't take any day-trips to the surrounding areas or visit any museums or galleries or the theater. However, since I'm not really interested in that stuff, it's not a huge loss.  

Yesterday, I watched this crazy French movie called La Grande Bouffe (Das große Fressen). It's about four dudes who want to eat themselves to death and seclude themselves in a villa with lots of food and some hookers. It basically revolves around sex and food. If you're not one to get too bogged down by heavy subtext (or poop jokes?) then you might find this movie as amusing as I did.

Anyway, I have nothing else to say. I will post pictures from my trip soon.


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Nancy said...

Kindly steal the above sign for me - I would like to hang it in my cubicle.