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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life Recapped: The Return of the Internet

As you might have noticed, I haven't updated in over a month. I had to go back and see what my last post said before I started with this one because I don't remember where I left off. It was shortly after Tunde's visit, in case you also forgot (or are incapable of scrolling down to the entry below).

Well, a lot of stuff happened between then and now. Frosty came and stayed for a week, his buddy Manne joined us for a few days as well. We did lots of exciting things. It was so exciting that I won't even get into the details here, as that will probably just overwhelm you. On the second day of Frosty's visit, the internet broke. Fortunately for (most of) the rest of the city/country/planet, the internet breakdown was localized in our apartment. Fortunately for Schmiddy and me, our internet provider immediately sent over an elite squad of internet nerds to tackle the problem and we hardly even noticed the outage. Or at least that's what they did in their minds. The (summarized) reality is that it took a combination of daily phone calls, emails and complaining via snail mail over a 4 week period. They kept telling us that our internet was working and our computers kept telling us otherwise. And then on Tuesday (the night before the 3rd technician was supposed to come by) it miraculously started working again. Nevertheless, we will be getting two months of free internet as compensation for our troubles.

Anyway, to state the obvious, it's hard to keep up a blog without internet access. Work doesn't count because you shouldn't blog at work...unless that's your actual job (and in my case, it's not). To keep myself entertained, I read a whole lot of books. I also watched the German detective show Tatort ("Crime Scene"), the first and second seasons of the show Life (which I discovered on accident and have decided that I love) and a good chunk of Eddie Murphy's filmography.

C.Dub (Frosty's mama) came to visit me over Easter (Frosty had to stay home and write his term papers for school) and together we went to lots of museums and to the theater. She loves the theater. Also she loves Diet Coke, sour gummi candies, and ketchup. Not all at once, mind you. I just like to keep a running list of things she likes, just in case. Her visit was the first time that we hung out together without Frosty and I would have to say that it was a success. Again, I'd get into more details, but really...I want to just get you all back up to speed.

In conclusion, I'd like to show you a video of Frosty and Manne having a seagull fight (I told you his visit was exciting). To close out a week of beautiful Hamburg weather, the three of us decided to spend the afternoon at Timmendorfer Beach (by the Baltic Sea) on a Sunday. However, the weather turned out to be totally shitty that day. I had the idea to bring some leftover bread that had started to go stale so that we could feed the seagulls. Mind you, I'm from Oklahoma City and I just know the seagulls at Lake Hefner, which I don't recall being insane death birds. These seagulls were crazy and as soon as you fed one, there were like 50 surrounding you (in hindsight, this is probably perfectly normal seagull behavior). Luckily some bad-ass ravens showed up to keep the gulls in check.

At one point, Frosty and Manne decided to throw breadcrumbs at each other in order to force seagull hordes at one another. And this is what I'd like to call the "Seagull Fight". It's sheet coincidence (I only captured the tailend of the battle) that the song "On a Boat" is playing in the background at the beginning.

It was quite windy that day, but here's a quick rundown of what I said:
"And this is how these fools are gonna die"
"Oooh! And a doggie! Hey doggie!"
"They are fighting each other with seagulls"
"Boys are idiots"

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