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Monday, July 20, 2009

Zombies: Re-re-re-re...etc...visited

Cheffe just sent me the link to a video about these so-called "zombie walks" that apparently take place in various cities around the world. Here. Read up on zombie walks on Wikipedia. Suffice it to say, it's like a flash mob combined worst fucking nightmare.

In an unofficial poll of the Brooks Family (meaning discussions that I've had with my siblings Remy, Cris & Pickles), the #1 reoccurring dream in my family is about some kind of zombie outbreak. Yes it's weird -- and probably mostly my doing -- but The Great Zombie Debate remains a big issue. Even if we're not actively talking about it, it's still there...seething underneath the surface. I've been meaning to ask Frosty his take on this hypothetical situation (i.e. if there were a zombie attack and I got bitten, would he a.) kill me or b.) become a zombie with me). No doubt it's an important question, but I think it could still be a little too early in our relationship address the subject. Sure it might seem odd, given the topics we've tackled as a couple already...but's a whole 'nother ballgame right therr, knowhaddimeanson?

At any rate (based on my inquiries) is that the typical pattern for a zombie-based dream is:

1.) Establish zombie attack
2.) Find Pickles, 'cause she's got the weapons arsenal

Unless it's Pickles' dream, then the pattern is:

1.) Start blowing up any zombies or those bitten in your way
2.) Bring arsenal with
3.) Find a place to make a stand & bring non-bitten persons along
4.) Blow up zombies to hell

More often than not, our dreams involve family members. I know, it's totally weird.

Just the other day, I had a zombie dream and in my subconscious, my first thought was to find Pickles, but I was with a whole bunch of strangers and I didn't know where I was located. I had the feeling that I was somewhere very far away from Pickles and her gun stash. My brain was just like, "Fuck it, this is not going to end well...wake the fuck up." And I did.

It doesn't really change my point of view about becoming a zombie vs. not becoming a zombie. It's just that I don't want to become a zombie with some random assholes. If anything, it should be people that I know and love...who don't bite me in my face. So that I'm still a good lookin' playa zombie. What, what!!

But back to my original point. Zombie walks would be horrible for someone like me. Especially, if I didn't anticipate it beforehand. So if I got all the way to work and saw 300 people "dressed up" like zombies and had no prior warning of their gathering, I'm pretty sure my first reaction would be to freak the fuck out.


katie said...

yeah, never read world war z even though it is in my top 10 favorite books of all time. that shit will fuel your nightmares for YEARS to come.

but everyone else, read it! it is so freaking amazing!

Pickles said...

Everyone should also read The Zombie Survival Guide (by the same author that wrote World War Z). And for the record, I eventually capitulated on the whole "shoot family members bitten by a zombie before they die" mentality. If you're a blood relative I'll grant you the courtesy of dying from your zombie bite first, then shooting you in the head. Unless you ask me to put you out of your misery.

I think I'll have to revive the Great Zombie Debate & see if opinions have changed. I need to see who may want to die before becoming a zombie once they've been bitten. Don't want any misunderstandings ; p

lebrookski said...

@ katie: hmmm...i thought i already posted a reply after you, in which i said that i haven't ready world war z, but i'm pretty sure that pickles has.

@pickles: damn you.

katie said...


check this shit out:

Pickles said...

@ katie: I'm so getting that graphic novel. I already own, & have read, his other 2 books. You should check this out if you haven't already:

@ lebrookski: I thought you'd be happy. Remy finally convinced me to grant family the honor of dying before I kill their zombie ass. I won't be zombie family w/ you & if you try to bite me the deals off :p