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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shit that is not acceptable

In my years of blogging (and I guess you could actually call it years by now), I haven't been one to get up on a soapbox. Most of the people who visit my blog are people that I know; however, via the magic of Google Analytics, I do know that there are people who randomly drop in from time to time from all parts of the globe. So, I want to post this for anyone who might stop by.

In the U.S. the recent publicized suicides of LBGT youth (children, really) has weighed heavily on my heart. The "It Gets Better Project" started by Dan Savage and his husband and the videos that have been posted from all around the world have really touched me.

I was so upset to see that another gay youth from Oklahoma had taken his life recently. I had heard about this news on October 11th, which is National Coming Out Day -- which was particularly difficult.

Thinking about these tragedies, the worst part is knowing that they aren't the first. However, for some reason, right now (maybe it's the political climate) they have finally garnered national attention. It has taken too much time.

I am familiar with the "Christian" ideal of "love the sinner, hate the sin". This was a phrase that I heard over and over and over again. And I know it's no different today, but it is wrong. Out and out wrong. The best way that I can sum it up is through the words of Dan Savage:

" long as you support the denial of marriage rights to same-sex couples, it’s clear that you do believe that some people—straight people—are “better or more worthy” than others.

And—sorry—but you are partly responsible for the bullying and physical violence being visited on vulnerable LGBT children. The kids of people who see gay people as sinful or damaged or disordered and unworthy of full civil equality—even if those people strive to express their bigotry in the politest possible way (at least when they happen to be addressing a gay person)—learn to see gay people as sinful, damaged, disordered, and unworthy. And while there may not be any gay adults or couples where you live, or at your church, or in your workplace, I promise you that there are gay and lesbian children in your schools. And while you can only attack gays and lesbians at the ballot box, nice and impersonally, your children have the option of attacking actual gays and lesbians, in person, in real time.

Real gay and lesbian children. Not political abstractions, not “sinners.” Gay and lesbian children."

- Savage Love, October 13, 2010

I just want to say for the youth out there, there are people that stand with you. Even in places like Oklahoma. I'm from Oklahoma. There are people who will support you. I will...even from abroad. I will hook you the fuck up. I know people everywhere.

Watch this video:

Resources for help:

The Trevor Project
The Make It Better Project
University of Oklahoma GLBTF Organization
OKC Gazette (Independent Weekly, send them your opinions)

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