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Monday, April 02, 2012

Chicken & Deer

Family, friends, general internet strangers...

Have you missed me? Yes? I don't believe you and you're very bad at lying.

How do I know that you're lying?

Duh, because I told you last month that I started a tumblr and I've been doing a lot of that. So I actually haven't been gone at all.

Currently, I'm trying to figure out a way to crosspost some items at the same time that doesn't involve ctrl+a, then ctrl+c and then ctrl+v. Tumblr has been amazingly convenient for updating throughout the day and sharing my random finds.

However, the only way (so far) that I think that I can realize my crossposting dream is to link my Tumblr rss feed to my Blogger "post by email" email address. That comes with it's own problems, namely a lot of email junk in the posts (which you might have caught if you've subscribed to my Blogger rss feed). At any rate, I'm working on a solution that is more acceptable to me. So, if you want a link to visit to waste time and look at stuff while you're at work or doing whatever it is that you do on the internet (you little cheeky monkeys), then visit

Aside from that, I don't really have any new stuff to report. Currently, I'm in the process of planning my super sexy 31st birthday, 31 being the sexiest of ages (that is, until I turn 32). And...*drumroll, y'all* I'm planning Pickles' (henceforth "Favorite Sister for Life") highly anticipated trip to Hamburg at the end of May. I won't lie, I'm fucking psyched.

So, speaking of Pickles. She sent me a picture the other day of the old watering hole down Route 66 on my way to my grandma's place. If you recall, I wrote about it way back in the day. It looks like it's shut down now. I like to think that it's due to the new menu changes:

Here's the place back in 2005, when it sold chicken & cold beer...and the place was always packed.

Then, I guess at some point, they changed their unique selling point to chicken & old Nobody fucking wants that. Imagine if Ludacris named his third album "Chicken-n-Deer"? That doesn't even make any sense and I'd be really concerned about Luda's mental health (much more than I am just on a normal basis).

At any rate, you can't pour out an old deer on the ground in memory of your old homies. Ok, you probably could, but that's gross...and really unhygienic.

Still, R.I.P. Outwest Pub -- we hardly knew ye (I didn't even learn the place's proper name until I saw this very picture).

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