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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 33 - Holidays

My apartment smells like cheese.

That's not a complaint, just a statement of fact. It's also not a mystery either.

Last night, Schmiddy, Ms. X, and I partook of the cheesy holiday delight that is raclette. It was the first time that I "officially" entertained guests at my place and it went well despite a noticeable lack of kitchen utensils and containers. We successfully MacGyvered the shit out of the evening and had a really great time. Or at least I did. And that's all I require of my guests: don't be lame.

So far, I've been bungling my way through this holiday season. It definitely wasn't the worst Christmas of my life. That honor goes to Christmas 1990, after I contracted chicken pox and spent the holidays quarantined from my family and taking oatmeal baths. The combination of the emotional sadness of missing out on every single bit of holiday fun and incessant itching has yet to be topped. My brother Junior dared to entertain me with yo-yo tricks, only to find himself suffering the same fate a few days later.

This Christmas doesn't really compare to that; probably because I've mostly ignored the fact that there was a holiday going on in the first place. The most difficult part has been the strange feeling that I've lost/been kicked out of a family. Not, you know, my actual family, but some people with whom I'd built a very familial-type bond. Although I'd often lamented Frosty's family tradition of "Guess-what-your-present-is-no-REALLY-GUESS-and-don't-stop-until-you've-tried-to-think-of-everything", I'll be damned, if I didn't wish that I were taking part in it this year.

Talk about paving paradise and putting up a parking lot...

Still, I've made it through the first month and the world didn't end [insert Mayan calendar joke here]. And since it doesn't seem like the world will be ending any time soon, I shall proceed with Operation For Fuck's Sake Do At Least One Productive Thing Each Day. So far, it's mostly been taking a few steps towards trying to transform my apartment into a more comfy place. As you can see from the picture's still a massive work in progress. However, it feels a lot more like a home and less like Jesse Pinkman's house/meth den.

Unfortunately (for me), I've also realized that I'm constantly tidying up. I suppose some people would see that as a good thing. People who love to clean, I guess. I am not one of those people. Of course, there are schools of thought that postulate the theory "If you put it back where you got it, then you won't have to clean up as much/as often." I obviously do not subscribe to this "theory", but I also do want to be able to invite people over. Thus, I try to keep my mess in check. Mostly successfully.

Switching gears, one of today's productive activities was to get the latest RAP statt EKG show uploaded and posted. So, if you would like to listen to it (or download it). Here it is in all of it's glory. I'm already getting ready for the January show, which will hopefully be more of a "mix" than a fade-in-fade-out mess. The tracks are good take a listen after the jump.

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