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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturdy Night Videos 8

Ok, so last video and then beddy bye. I don't think I ever shared this one on my blog and if you don't listen to my radio show, then you probably missed it. The video is from 2011 and it's a parody of AggroTV's "Halt die Fresse" (loosely translated by me as "Shut Up") called "Schnall die Message" (which I'd translate loosely as "Wise Up").

Anyway, this is a rapper from Tübingen who goes by the name Callya (and in the first video as his "gangsta" rap persona Buzgeldbescheid). I like the first video for the parody (the lyrics are super funny to me)...the second...cause it sounds tight.

Schnall die Message Nr. 00 - Buzgeldbescheid

Callya - Kleiner Mensch

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