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Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's only a surprise, if you don't see it coming

Nearly two months later, I'm back on the subject of my birthday.

It's been years since I've thrown a birthday party on my actual birthday. Calendar dates aren't very important to me and I need to be in the mood to throw a party. Often, I've waited until I've felt the desire to throw a party, which is around May, June, July, etc. And then, my actual birthday is more or less an afterthought. I wish that I could stress how much that I want my birthday to be the afterthought and just a vague overarching theme, but I still get presents (and I don't complain...presents are wonderful).

As I mentioned previously, this year, I wasn't in the mood for a party, so I didn't throw one. I chose to spend the evening of my actual birthday with one great friend (who is the bee's knees) and that was perfect to me.

But some people really wanted me to throw a party.

When that didn't happen, some friends decided to surprise me yesterday, almost two months later, with a surprise party wrapped in a colleague's going away party. The perfect cover. I didn't expect a thing. I was even late, because my radio show wasn't over until 7pm.

I was the last to arrive and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and I received a bottle of Writers' Tears Irish Whiskey, a copy of the OZ-graffiti coffee table book, Es lebe der Sprühling (which I translated into English in 2009, except I never got a free copy and never purchased a copy for myself), and a cake inspired by one of the best sweets ever invented -- Kinder Country. Sweet Dee did an amazing job organizing it all. In terms of surprise parties, it was just the right level and atmosphere of surprise for my taste.

It also gives me hope for my housewarming party...which will likely take place sometime in 2014.

Mark your calendars. Or not. Nothing's written in stone and I make no promises.


Sarah D. said...

<3! It was a joint effort.
I am so happy you enjoyed it. Your smile was priceless.

lebrookski said...

I was literally speechless and confused when I arrived. You hit absolutely all of the right notes. You're an amazing friend and I couldn't have asked for a better surprise. said...

very good.