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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Old sack

This is an actual exchange between my young nephew and my brother. My nephew posted this bizarre status update, 47 of his friends "liked" it, and my brother basically responded what I (and probably every person over 20-years-old, definitely everyone over 30) was thinking. It's like a completely different language that I don't want to learn.

I've also had a 7-year-old in my apartment for the last 4 days. She's a great kid, but...I can't deal with the youth. I don't really have the energy or patience or overall desire to. And I didn't even have to take care of her the whole time. She's here with another adult. It's only been a couple of hours a day and I feel just wiped out.

Being around kids makes me want to apologize to everyone who had to deal with me as a child.

Luckily for me, the kid also serves up a wicked strawberry mojito, which gives her a slight edge over most other children her age.

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