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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Playing dress up

If you've ever interacted with me in person, then you know that I'm not very good about disguising my inner feelings when I don't like doing something. My facial expressions usually betray the words that come out of my mouth. Sorry, it's just my face. Can't help it.

Shopping, however, is one area in which my face and my mouth words are nearly perfectly synchronized. It's the most boring shit in the world and my tolerance for it is absurdly low. Wait...back up. It depends on the shopping. I'm specifically talking about shopping for clothing and/or clothing accessories. up again. It's mostly all shopping that's not grocery shopping. No, I even hate doing that...but I have to. I guess that what I'm getting at is that I wish that someone would do all of my shopping for everything for me. And I actually only want to be present for cool things like gadgets and music. If someone else could do all the rest of the shopping for me...that'd be great.

Alas, it's not to be, because no one has ever offered to do that for me...for free.

Side note: This is *always* why a good practical gift always goes over like gangbusters for me. You could literally give me a pack of toilet paper and I'd be like, " less thing I have to shop for. Thank you so much! By the way, we're best friends now."

This is not the world in which I live.

Anyway, I was able to enlist the best shopper I know, Ms. X, to be my "style consultant" and "shopping motivation buddy". It worked out fairly well, even though after several hours of wandering from shop to shop, we were unable to locate a dress for the wedding I'll be attending next weekend.

We did find other articles of clothing that looked nice, but weren't on our priority list. She just kept picking up items from the rack and saying, "We'll just put this on the pile...try it on and just see." Kind of like the shopping version of playing "Just the tip..."

Which I guess explains why the tactic worked so well with me. 

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