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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Apartment deflowering

A poster that I snagged in Berlin and framed...because awesome.

I finally threw a party in my apartment. As of this month, I've been living here for a year. A mixture of "I don't want all sorts of people all up in my place" + "I don't want to clean up after all sorts of party shenanigans" had been blocking my desire to host a gathering.

My boss turned 30 and it was also (more or less) her 1st anniversary of living in Hamburg. She'd wanted to have a BBQ, but... fuck it... we live in Hamburg and the weather does not cooperate with what you want to do.

At the beginning of the week, there was 10% chance of precipitation. Then 40%, then 50%, and it topped off at 60% by Wednesday. In her words, "That means like 120% chance of rain."

So, I told her, "I have an idea, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna like it."

My building has a perfectly lovely courtyard and also my apartment is nice and dry. So I offered up my apartment for the party. Just as long as no one acted like an asshole or...set my apartment on fire (Fire/flames/spice were the themes).

The party took place on Saturday (and I'm writing this entry from my apartment, so it didn't burn down).


Rainbow Cake: 

Sarah D. made a lovely, rainbow, rum-soaked, piña colada-flavored cake:

Crazy Vodkas:

There were many versions of infused vodkas: chili vodka, chili-bacon vodka, something with garlic or ginger, and chocolate vodka (which guests scooped out of a mason jar with halved Kinder eggs, because it was more like chocolate vodka pudding).

The chocolate vodka was the best infusion, because 1.) It didn't make the guests cry or puke (unlike the chili and chili-bacon combos) and 2.) as one French guest said, "Once the vodka starts burning, just chew the chocolate." It worked like gangbusters.

Edible shot glasses should totally be a thing.

The only issue was that the next day there were a fuckton of those yellow Kinder egg capsules. Why where there so many Kinder eggs? Because someone gave them to my boss for her birthday. It was a whole dragon themed gift (dragon eggs). They actually had nothing to do with the chocolate was just a happy coincidence.


Yeah, that happened. Because my boss loves absinthe. I don't have any pictures of it. Or maybe I do... but I have to wait, since the only digital camera present was misplaced during an after-party trip to the Reeperbahn (for which I was not present). 

So it's possible that the only existing photos were taken by a sober

Pregnant Woman

who used my analog Canon T50 to take pictures and I haven't developed the pictures yet. 

The party was interesting as fuck and only my downstairs neighbor complained (around 12:30am), but she's got a kid and my floors are creaky.

Also we were listening to CVS Bangers 2 quite loudly with all of the windows open. So...whatevs...fair call.

You get no presents for complaining, however.

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