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Monday, September 16, 2013

Turn My Headphones Up - Sept 2013

It's a two for one this month. Remember when I mentioned that I thought that I had left my USB stick at the radio station? Well, it turns out that it was at my apartment the whole damn time. Go figure. I'll be posting both shows after the jump...yippee!

Because I had to attend a funeral last Friday, the show was pre-produced. And...because I spent the two weeks before the show dicking around with the playlist until the last minute, I ended up recording the show in my apartment. It was a bit of a blast from the past, since Zilv and I started out recording our radio station in our kitchen (kind of the only quiet room in the apartment) & sometimes in the bathroom (better acoustics).

In my current apartment, every room is pretty quiet. However, I probably should have recorded it in the bathroom anyway. The sound quality is decent enough. I recorded it with a mic and Philips DVT 1000 digital recorder. For its price range, it's been a pretty good buy; you can get in a couple hours worth of PCM WAV quality recordings that don't sound bad at all. As I said, however, my living room wasn't the best recording location. There was a bit of an echo-y hollow sound and overall it lacked the richness of a studio recording. Good for the pinch that I was in, but I won't be making it a habit.

The moderation also isn't my best work. Partially because it was about 2am and I was tired as hell. In fact, at some point, I was talking about an interview with Souls of Mischief on Okayplayer for the 20th anniversary of 93 Til Infinity and instead of Okayplayer, I said "OK Cupid". Instead of re-doing the bit, I just cut out the part where I said OK Cupid. The sentence makes no sense anymore. I'm also going to just straight up stop spelling things on the radio. I have no idea why I even do that.

That said, the playlist was made (on short notice) with love and there are a bunch of good tracks on it. Playlist after the jump (plus links to free/name-your-own-price downloads/things of interest where applicable)

R.A. the Rugged Man - Definition of a Rap Flow
BBU - Spaghetti
Heems ft. Childish Gambino - Tell Me
Souls of Mischief (Gummy Soul rmx) - A Name I Call Myself
World's Fair - B.O.T.P.
Adam Tensta - Rat in the Snow
Bartek - Der Apfelschnitzschneider
BBU - Outlaw Culture
Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees
Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank)
Zugezogen Maskulin & Koljah (Antilopen Gang) - Hört auf Eure Führer
Panik & Koljah - Jetzt sind wir hier
Antilopen Gang - 110
Panik & Koljah - Überraschungsbesuch
NMZS, Koljah, & Panik Panzer - Gold RMX
Run The Jewels ft. Prince Paul - Twin Hype Back
K.Flay - Rawks
Eddie B. Anywhere it Takes Me
Autre Ne Veut ft. Mykki Blanco - Counting
Sookee - Wegmotionalisiert
Remy Banks ft. Marz Lovejoy - Clouds
R.A. the Rugged Man ft. Brother Ali & Masta Ace - The Dangerous Three
Umse - Wachstum
Wet Paint - Work
Souls of Mischief (Gummy Soul rmx)- 93 Still
Scotty Mike - Stoner's Paradise
Autre Ne Veut - Play by Play

TMHU - Sept 2013

TMHU - August 2013

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