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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Turn My Headphones Up - October 2013

I was pretty pleased with this month's playlist. I've been getting better at having the music stuff sorted out in advance and I think it makes a difference. Maybe only a slight difference, but a difference none the less. Now, I just have to concentrate more on what I'm actually going to say about the music. I've mentioned a few times that it feels strange in the station all by myself and talking to no on in particular, while trying to sound like I'm talking to everyone in particular. This month, I had some fairly detailed notes...that I forgot to print out. So, I was reading them from my laptop screen. And -- as you'll be able to hear -- it got kinda messy.

As for the Antilopen Gang interview, that's not yet complete, but I did a short teaser at the beginning of the show. The "outtakes" (aka the stuff we recorded right after the concert) are quite amusing, but I think a lot of it I'd treat as "off the record". It's either embarrassing for me (being loud and super drunk and inviting everyone to brunch) or not quite the stuff that I or the group would want to air. Overall, it has less to do with the actual content and more to do with the level of inebriation. So, we're still working on it...because we want it done right. And by "we" I, of course, mean me and Frosty (who is the person responsible for the bulk of the work involved with putting the segment together).

Still, I'll put up the show sometime this week, so you can hear it, if you missed it. Follow the links to find out more information about the artists or download their free/name-your-own-price albums. It can also help you recreate the experience of the radio show without having to actually listen to me.

Playlist after the jump

Satellite High – One Time, Pt. 4
Panik, Koljah, Nic Knatterton, NMZS, Danger Dan – Eure Witze sind nicht lustig
Paink, Koljah, NMZS, Danger Dan – Spastik Desaster
Fatoni – Dicke Hipster
Deltron 3030 – City Rising from the Ashes
Nikki Lynette & I Fight Dragons – And Your Bird Can Sing
Satellite High – Cool Dad is Eyeing your Girlfriend
Jean Grae – Double Katanas
NMZS – 99 Leben
K.Flay – 10th Ave
P.tah, Mirac, Testa – Zombie
Flatbush Zombies – Thug Waffle
Flatbush Zombie ft. Action Bronson – Club Soda
Prinz Pi – etc. Vienna
Ahzumjot – Explosionsgeräusche
Hood Internet – Masterman (Little Dragon – Little Man / Deltron 3030 – Mastermind)
Chill Bump – Just a sample
Chill Bump – Pointerlude
Chill Bump – Just a Sample 2
Wendy Rene – Tearz (Disco Tech Edit)
Verrückte Hunde - GTZS (Torky tork rmx)
Form – Das Geben eines Ficks in Zeiten der Keinfickgebung
Fatoni & Edgar Wasser – Check uns aus!
K’naan – Take a Minute
Mac Miller – Oy vey
Panik, Koljah, NMZS - Kunst

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