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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Hamburg Happy Things #2

When I see things on the street that make me smile, I usually forget to take a pic. Sometimes I don't. These are pics from the times that I remember.

Hamburg @ the Stephansplatz U-Bahn station. Drawing a "Fuck me" speech bubble on an ad is one of the oldest graffiti tricks of all time. There are probably Egyptian hieroglyphs that demonstrate this phenomenon. I was pretty drunk when I took this picture, but I'm 100% certain that I was mostly impressed by the punctuation. And only mildly tickled by the invoking of Jesus' name.

Hamburg-Barmbek near Genslerstrasse. I often ponder this tag while walking or riding to the train station in the morning. I live in a neighborhood with a lot of residents of Turkish origin, so I'm unsure if they're proclaiming their love of Batman, Turkey or... Batman, you know, The Dark Knight and whatnot. I'd like to think both? Either way, I know who's not responsible for this piece

Hamburg @ the Steinstrasse U-Bahn station. This is the second of my series "A Broken Escalator is just Temporary Stairs". It's an investigation of optimism versus functionality in a postmodern framework. I have no idea what the previous sentence means.

Dresden (yes, I know that Dresden != Hamburg) @ the Späti on the corner of Eschenstrasse & Schönbrunnstrasse. I'm not sure if the two stickers related, but I think the chances are high. Otherwise, whoever put them up is just a sly-ass motherfucker. Anyway, this sticker reminded me of a petition that Schmiddy was working on  (and my own complicated feelings on the subject of Edward Snowden and (particularly his) asylum in Germany (given the fucked up nature of asylum in Germany, in general)).

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