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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Filler Post #53 - Dreams revisited

Remember that time I told you all that only crazy people follow their dreams? Well, I found two examples (via: that are even dumber than me wanting to live with Germans forever and ever.

Case #1:

Dead Body Guy. It's his dream to play dead bodies in movies. Seriously, it even says "Help me live my dream..." on his website.

Case #2:

Transformer Guy, who legally changed his middle name to Megatron three days ago.

Like I said, following your dreams will take you down a dark and twisted path. So, proceed with caution, lest you end up like this dude:

(Note: Don't click the link and watch the video if you're at your lame job and aren't allowed to watch stuff with lots of swearing)

Personally, I can't stop watching it a.) because it's hilarious to me and b.) because it really kinda makes me miss Chick-fil-A and their delicious waffle fries...

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